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Born from my imagination and a need to write, Finite Fiction is my place of sanctuary. The stories I write here will either be standalone composed pieces, or small sections of a larger story. But most of all, they will be short selections of fiction that can be read and enjoyed when you have little time to spare. I look forward to sharing my many mini worlds with you.

Latest Posts

The Prophecy

A glowing golden strand stretched between the gnarled spinning wheel and the loom. Knotted hands deftly spun the thick, golden yarn. Slightly younger hands, quick and experienced, wove the strand into the tapestry. Finally, at the end of the loom the youngest pair of hands sniped the strands of yarn at the end of the […]

Dark Prospects

The starship Torres-9 was magnificent. Her hull shone from tip to tail, and her interior was meticulous. There was no wasted space, no room without a function. The engine bay and mechanical systems were easily accessible for repairs. All-in-all, she was perfection. Blink, the resident mechanic for the Torres-9 crew, never tired of looking after […]

The Changing

The wind whistles through the trees warning predators to take the night off. The silver glow of full moon breaks through cracks in the tree’s protective cover scattering beams across the forest floor. Just below the wind you can make out a lower howl, not quite animal, and not quite human. A chill floods the […]

Temptation of the Wild

Emelia Jones was a precocious young girl. She often skipped out on her lessons, getting bored easily as she picked things up quicker than her siblings. Her home, Klintok Manor, was situated in the midst of the most beautiful scenery. Through the wrought iron gate, she could make out the wildlife in the deep green […]


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